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After more than ten years, Marquette Audio Labs is still doing what we do best. Which is keeping classic modules alive and giving them a solid home to live in for years to come and adding modern features (phantom, phase, gain control, direct inputs etc...) to make them more useful.

MARQUETTE AUDIO LABS has been building quality rack solutions since 1994. We are proudly known worldwide for our "rock solid" build qulaity and "classic" aestheics. We try to keep the look of the equipment we are working with and think this is the way a studio "custom shop" would of done it "back in the day". Like the modules were newly racked... in the 60s.

MARQUETTE AUDIO LABS Packages (racks) come with a beautiful, rack mountable, gray hammertone finish, steel chassis. Most packages feature Internal power and phantom supplies shielded from the modules and/or the Xlrs. (Note: External PSU is available and used on certain packages). Normal features include: Power On/Off, Phantom On/Off, Phase, Input Pad, D.I.s etc... which are on the grained, clear anodized Front Panel. (Note: Features Vary Per Package). Xlrs, 3 Pin Universal AC socket & Fuse On the back of the chassis.

We have had the opportunity to work with a lot of the 'classic' or 'vintage' recording equipment. Marquette Audio Labs has racked countless 'vintage' modules including: hundreds of Telefunken / Siemens V-Series modules (V72, V72a, V74, V76, V77, V78 etc...), Neve 33114, 1272, 1290, 1073, 1084, 1081 and 1095, as well as modules from RCA, Calrec, Langevin, Audix, Helios, MCI, WSW, ANT, Sphere, Fairchild and more.

Marquette Audio Labs Custom Racking... Quality Inside and Out
Like the saying goes ... "you get what you pay for"