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Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken V672 Package

Quick history on these modules. These were made after the V72 (tube) modules were not in production and Telefunken as well as most of the audio community started building solid state (discrete) amplifiers. They sonically sound similar to the tube version (v72) in the way they react to certain instuments etc... but sounds more "solid and punchy".

I have compared these to NEVE 1073 pres (in a console at Michael Beinhorn's studio in LA, CA) and a MAL NEVE 1272 pair... on vocals, Acoustic guitar , bass and a Baritone Guitar (the latter two via TDI). The producer and engineer as well as myself at the shootout agree 3-0 the V672 sound equally good on the vocal and acoustic guitar, the edge going to the Telefunken V672 because it was a bit more smooth and more musical. But when it came to the more dramatic sounds of a bass and a more full range Baritone guitar that is where the difference was heard in 2 seconds of listening... the Telefunken V672 had lower, tighter and punchier low end and the highs were smoother, more musical and much more open than the Neve 1272. I HIGHLY reccomend these modules and think they are the best deal (bang for your buck) in vintage pro audio.

- David Marquette

We offer complete packages with the modules or we are also happy to modify and rack you modules as well. Be careful on ebay... we see nightmares all the time. You may pay a little more buying the complete package from MAL but you are buy a guarantee as well. Our modules are guaranteed to WORK and be original condition.

Rack Only (your modules)   $1000.00 without TDI (per channel)
    $1250.00 with TDI (per channel)
MAL Tele V672 Package (complete)   $1500.00 without TDI
    $1750.00 with TDI

Please call Dave at (510) 581-3817 for more product information.