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Shipping Information

MAL shipping out BOXES / PACKAGES to you:
  Marquette Audio Labs now uses UPS for all USA ground and / or 3 day shipping.
  We like to use FED EX for all AIR shipping (ie overnight or 2 day shipping).
  We can also use Air Borne Express as well but do not use their services very often (It is reserved for certain Int'l regions that only accept it).

You shipping BOXES / PACKAGES in to MAL:
  Please use UPS or Fed EX ONLY! If you ship via USPS and we have to go to get the package at the post office there is a $25.00 fee. This is due to the huge hassle and the extra time away from the shop / office. In our area the lines alone can be up to a 30 minute wait!

Letters / Envelopes sent in to MAL:
  If you are sending MAL a Letter or Envelope etc... feel free to use the USPS (US Postal Service).
  UPS and Fed EX is also fine.

International Shipping Information

Int'l Purchases:
Marquette Audio Labs prefers WIRE TRANSFERS for International Purchases. Credit Cards can be used in some cases, call for more information.

Int'l Shipping:
Marquette Audio Labs ships all over the world and prefers to use FED EX to do so. As mentioned we also can use UPS as well as AirBorne Express (for certain regions).