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Policies of Marquette Audio Labs

Our Return Policy
The standard return policy is a 15-20% restocking fee for any product(s) returned to Marquette Audio Labs. This is to cover the costs incurred for the transaction. As well in some cases the item(s) can not or are not considered 'New' if they are opened thus at that point the item is devalued for the next client and / or sale. If the item ordered is 'custom' or 'one off' there is "no return" return policy.

BUT... THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE (or 'standard policy'). If you work out an agreement with M.A.L. (David Marquette) to check out a peice of equipment (or item) with a deposit (or Credit Card hold etc...) and if it is returned it in 'as new' condition in the time agreed upon... we have, and often do, let clients 'check out' equipment before purchase. I know and understand there is not a 'pro audio' showroom on every corner. Please feel free to call and work something out.

"I personally do not like the basic idea of 'restocking fees' but there are a few, very few, people out there that would abuse the privilege of 'checking out gear' so I need to have a standard policy to protect myself and my business. I too am a consumer and understand what is fair but I need this policy to help with the people who think it is okay to call to check out gear but realistically they are getting a free rental for a session. Though it has only happened a few times the grief is high enough that the policy had to be implemented.

We are blessed that 99.9% of MAL's clients are not like that and instead are upstanding people who are a joy to deal with... but unfortunately the .1% force me to have a standard policy. Thank you for understanding" !

Best Regards, David Marquette