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Marquette Audio Labs Services

Custom Racking

Marquette Audio Labs Packages (racks) come in a beautiful, Rack mountable, gray Hammer tone finish Steel Chassis. Most packages feature Internal power and phantom supplies shielded from the modules and/or the Xlrs. (Note: External PSU is available and used on certain packages). Normal features include: Power On/Off, Phantom On/Off, Phase, Input Pad, DIs etc... which are on the grained, clear anodized Front Panel (Note: Features Vary Per Package). Xlrs, 3 Pin Universal AC socket & Fuse On the back of the chassis.

Marquette Audio Labs Packages have a look as if they were racked in the 60s, but brand new! We try to keep the look of the equipment we are working with and think this is the way a studio "custom shop" would of done it "back in the day". So we try to stay away from silk screen and more modern looks.

Studio Construction

I have done work in the S.F. Bay Area and L.A., ranging from gutting and rebuilding the control room at the new Coast Records (in S.F.) to designing and building a private home recording studio.

I have built a portable Iso booth (for Visual Interactive, S.F.), a Drum room for Ring Productions (Oakland, CA..), helped build California Recording Institute (S.F.) and I have consulted for many home studio projects, like L.A. area private studio, built from the foundation up, for Session Musician / Recording Artist Lyle Workman.

I would prefer S.F. and L.A. areas only, and also I would like to take on projects on the smaller scale, the world class studios are to time consuming and better left to the "big dogs". I like specializing in the smaller studio projects, remodels and home "conversion" studios.