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Soundelux U99 Microphone

Soundelux U99
Based on the classic tube 67 from the 1960's, Soundelux's U99 offers an extended detail version of that mic. Utilizing the same dual symmetrical backplate capsule type, all of the original's frequency shaping components have been removed to provide a more open version of the classic tube 67.

The U99 features a German hand made 1" diameter dual symmetrical backplate dual membrane kk67capsule, specially tensioned for warmth and clarity. The Soundelux version avoids the 5K rise common to second­hand vintage 67's for less peaky upper mid response.

In addition, the E67 features an EF732 sub-miniature pentode tube run as a triode using Soundelux's SteadyState@ bias system for the best distortion, dynamic response and noise specifications. Steady Bias is an important operational feature for it is the construction technique found in the most hallowed of vintage 67s prized for their spectacular sound. It comes with the P99 true linear power supply, which is derived almost entirely from the original vintage technology.

For the utmost in reliability and sonic purity, the U99 has no internal connectors.

For vocals, it provides creamy warmth with air, without overwhelming proximity effect. It gives breathtaking realism to acoustic guitar tracks, as well as acoustic bass. The subtle timbral characteristics of pianos remain preserved. It brings sparkle and depth to drum kits without the mid boxiness of small diaphragms. When used in stereo pairs, orchestras and big bands are recreated with a stunning, spacious soundstage. In ADR and va use, it is prized for it's superiority of articulation, and ability to grab dialog without unwanted artifacts.

Directional pattern: Omni through cardioid through figure 8, continuous variable from power supply
Frequency range: 30Hz-16kHz, +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 27mV/Pa (-31dB=94dB SPL)
Equivalent noise: 13dB ("A" weighted)
25dB (unweighted)
Distortion vs. SPL @ 1kHz: 110dB = 0.5% THD
117dB = 1% THD
128dB = 2% THD
(increasing distortion is non-exponential, nearly linear and primarily 2nd harmonic)
Impedance: 200 ohms true transformer balanced
Recommended load: 1.2k Ohms
Dynamic range: 97dB
S/N (94dB-noise): 81dbB "A", 69dB unweighted
Capsule size: 1" diameter, single backplate k67 type
Tube type: New Old Stock EF732 sub-mini pentode
Dimensions: 2.04" dia x 8" oal (51x203mm)
Weight: 1lb 8.8oz (1.55lbs) = 703g
Shipping weight: 12lbs
Power Supply: P99 true linear, factory wired for 115v or 230v operation

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