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Soundelux iFet7 Microphone

The ifet7 is a phantom powered fet condenser mic designed to capture both the high SPL handling and sound of the classic fet47, and vocal intimacy unavailable from the classic fet47. The fet47 is an essential tool for the recording professional but age and unit variation has made finding a good vintage mic difficult, and the sonic signature of the electronics previously limited the uses found for that mic. The ifet7 recreates the essential sounds of two different important vintage fet mic electronics: the fet47 and 87fet. By marrying the classic 87 circuit with the k47 capsule, a unique variant of the fet47 is now available. Using the same key mechanical dimensions and construction of the classics, it comes with an integral stand adaptor arm and has an optional shock mount.

The ifet7 has both a "V" (vocal) and "i" (instrument) mode which represent the two completely different sets of internal mic amplifiers used in attaining the fet47 or modified 47fet sound: The "V" mode is 4dB more sensitive than the "i" mode and minimal Class A electronics are employed for a more seductive vocal sound than the original 47fet. This is one sweet vocal mic! In the "i" mode, the mic employs the classic Class AB electronics found in the original and exhibits the same behavior as the original with improved LF headroom, due to the improved larger core output transformer. The benefit is that it offers the best known level of performance without the frequency response artifacts and time variant drawbacks of modern transformerless microphones. The overall ifet7 difference is that it possesses a clearer top and bottom without sounding boxy plus delivers the essential dynamic characteristics of the original vintage models.

For vocals, the ifet7 "V" vocal mode will most likely be selected. The "V" mode has no LF contour with no rolloff and HF contour with a gentle 1dB rolloff from 10 to20kHz. It is the essential 87fet electronics sound including its lower SPL capability, but offers a "warmer", less sterile character. For instruments, the ifet7 "i" instrument mode will likely be the choice, as this mode has much higher SPL capability and provides a gentle built in LF rolloff (-ldB @50Hz) to reduce the bass heavy nature of close up mic work, and no HF rolloff for extended high end and improved definition. The "i" mode offers high SPL capability just like the fet47 and may be used close up on a kick drum, snare drum, toms, bass amp, or super-loud vocalist.

  "i" mode "v" mode
Directional Pattern: Cardioid only Cardioid only
Frequency range: 15Hz-18kHz, +/-2dB 15Hz-18kHz, +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 8mV/Pa (-42dBm) 14mV/Pa (-37dBm)
Equivalent noise: 19dB ("A" weighted)
31dB (unweighted)
17dB ("A" weighted)
28dB (unweighted)
Distortion vs. SPL @ 1kHz: 138dB = 0.5% THD
138.5dB = 1% THD
139dB = 2% THD
(increasing distortion is exponential, complex 2nd harmonic)
120dB = 0.5% THD
123dB = 1% THD
125dB = 2% THD
(increasing distortion is non-exponential, complex 2nd harmonic)
Impedance: 200 ohms true transformer balanced 200 ohms true transformer balanced
Recommended load: 1.2k Ohms "v" mode
Dynamic range: 119dB 103dB
S/N (94dB-noise): 75dbB"A", 63dB unweighted 77dbB"A", 63dB unweighted
Capsule size: 1" diameter, single backplate k47 type 1" diameter, single backplate k47 type
Amplifier type: Complex fet, transistor and transformer, no switching Minimalist Class A fet / transformer, no switching
Amplifier controls: "V/i" amplifier mode switch between two seperate amplifiers "V/i" amplifier mode switch between two seperate amplifiers
Dimensions: 2.04" dia x 7.7 " oal (51x195mm) 2.04" dia x 7.7 " oal (51x195mm)
Weight: 1lb 9.6oz (1.6lbs) = 725g 1lb 9.6oz (1.6lbs) = 725g
Shipping weight: 6lbs 6lbs
Power Supply: P48 phantom powered, user provided; minimum 45v P48 phantom powered, user provided; minimum 45v

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