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Soundelux E49 Microphone

Soundelux of Hollywood, California, is known for its sonic recreations of the most famous vintage mics of the past. Continuing the company's commitment to hand made real world value, Soundelux restores the sound and performance of the original 50's era German tube 49 in the E49. The E49 is a variable pattern, internally shock mounted, outboard power supply tube microphone designed for vocal or critical distant applications. It does not need a big spider shock mount. This microphone is relatively flat compared to most Large Diaphram Condensers and mimics the original 1950's response curve very well.

The tube E49 does not have the extreme proximity effect of the 47 or 251 (instead of + 18dB it is about + 12dB at 85Hz) or the rising top end of the C12 and most modern condensers. It does have an incredibly smooth midrange that is unique and impossible to replicate with any other microphone. This makes the E49 suitable for a span of applications that normally call for two different microphones such as a 47 and C12. Male vocalists with that special mied character really come through on the E49; the female with the smoky detail and harmonics of a lounge singer sound correct; the sound of a piano on stage or a drummer at distance sounds like it really sounds in real life. No other mic was as good as the tube 49 at getting smoothness across. this, perhaps, is why it has been the mic that defines jazz, such as Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue", which was made entirely with 49s.

Use the E49 on vocals first and get used to the smooth nature of this mic with a complete top end that is not bright. Up close the mic is about warmth-- without getting too big-- due to its uniquely tuned proximity effect. We still see many original 49s on vocal duty in studios because other "go to" mics, such as 47s and 251s, get TOO big up close and lose midrange clarity. Darker voices come through well on 49s due to the even nature of its frequency response curve and hold up in dense mixes. Then try the E49 12 inches away on a larger source to get outside the proximity effect and listen to the very natural sound of this mic. It is realistic without adding artificial definition. A piano sound real-- you get bass, depth, and prominent mids without too much brightness. In front of a kick drum it is amazing. For applications of all kinds, the E49 is perhaps the most mic ever built.

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