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Soundelux E47C Microphone

Soundelux of Hollywood, California, is known for its sonic recreations of the most famous vintage mics of the past. Continuing the company's commitment to hand made real world value, Soundelux restores the sound and performance of the original 50's era German tube 47 in an all new E47C. The Soundelux E47C is a "cardioid only" mic, as the original was used nearly exclusively in cardioid. The E47C comes with a remote power supply and professional clamp type shock mount and a special custom 20 foot cable between the mic and power supply.

For about half what you'd expect to pay for a vintage original, with replacement parts and "new-old-stock" tubes that are readily available, the E47C enable a range of sounds and tonal characters previously not available through any other means. The Soundelux E47C embodies all the most important characteristics of the original while offering consistency, reliability and long term serviceability that is a requirement for today.

The E47C's primary use will likely be male or female lead vocals due to its signature proximity effect. The original 47 had proximity effect behavior that was part of its sound and why it defined "big vocals". With up to + 12dB of boost at 100Hz when used at 1 inch working distance, the 47 signature was "the sound" of many great artists such as Frank Sinatra. Led Zeppelin 1 used a 47 on nearly every vocal track. Tuesday Night Music Club and Cheryl Crowe was a classic application of a 47 for vocals. The key application was then and still is close worked vocals, male or female.

Tube 47's were never really flat even at distance (beyond 18 inches) due to its signature head grille sound. Brass instruments were a favorite 47 application (the classic jazz signature of the most famous records from the 1950's) and small ensembles (of nearly any instrumentation) saw the 47 as the "go to" mic. Cello and violin at short distance gain intimacy and acoustic or electric bass will find a perfect warm tone without muffling using the E47C. Individual drums or drum kits will have astounding impact with no overt artificial high end found when using some small diaphragm mics. Solo performers who sing while playing acoustic guitars may be recorded with just this one microphone.

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