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MB Microphones 622 Stereo PZM Microphone

An MB Microphones original, the MB 622 PZM is based on the Jecklin disc. The Jecklin disc provides a natural stereophony, combining the hemispherical attributes of the planer (PZM). The MB 622 has become a standard for recording high quality samples. In many cases this stereo PZM can replace the need for conventional microphones. Voltages from 10 to 48 V are accommodated with XLR connectors on each output. Performance that truly belies the entry-level price, point and shoot!

Polar Pattern: Omni
Frequency range: 10Hz-26kHz
Phantom Powering: 16 - 48 V
Sensitivity of Field Idling (1kOhm, 1kHz): 5 mV / Pa
Max. SPL at 1 kOhm: 130 dB
Electrical Impedance: 200 Ohm
Nominal Load Impedance: >800 Ohm
Feed Current: 2x 0.5 mA
Connector: XLR

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