* Since 1994 *

Manley Starbird Studio Microphone Stand

The world's largest in-production precision microphone boom stand. Fully manufactured in our own CNC machine shop. A labor of love...

We purchased the seminal design by George Starbird plus the associated tooling and made some important refinements: a heavier, wider-spread base which dismantles conveniently for transportation, plus a variable-weight counterbalance which can be filled as needed with sand or lead-shot enabling the Starbird® to be used with very heavy older ribbon microphones or cameras.

Vertical rise and fall is managed by air-damped compression valves making the boom gentle for precious microphones. Silent mobility is provided by the heavy duty solid rubber wheeled Darnell casters.

The problem with these Starbird booms is that they last forever! Thousands have been manufactured since World War II and most of them are still in use in every major music and film scoring stage.

Yes the Manley Starbird deluxe studio boom is UPS shippable! Total shipping weight: 45+9 lbs. (2 boxes)

Extends: Horizontal 4 ft to 8 ft
Vertical 5 ft to 9 ft
and fully vertical up to 16 ft.

LIST PRICE: $1,000.00
Please call Dave at (510) 581-3817 for product information and your price.