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Marquette Audio Labs V-72 Pair Package

MAL V72 racks are second to none... do not be fooled by "imitators" or "amateurs". There is a BIG difference between a "housing" for two modules and has a feature or two and a Custom MAL V72 Package. Most other racks I have seen (that were sent in to be dismantled, to use the clients' modules to be installed in a MAL V72 Package), have either had a butchered mod or there was NO mod done at all. Not to mention the "front panel only racks" that have NO CHASSIS and are more wrong than right... There is a huge difference between putting a pot on the output of the module and the "mod" MAL does to give you GAIN CONTROL. Which is from 34 to 56 db of gain using a detented potentiometer... as well as a -15 dB input pad.

Front Panel

Top left: -15 dB input pad switch

Bottom left: the gain control from 34 to 56 dB, after modifcation

To the right of the input pad and gain controls: a V-72 module. (Any 2 Telefunken / Siemens single cassette modules can be racked in this chassis as a pair, V-72a, V-77, V-78, etc. Modifications and features may vary.)

Below the V-72 is a 1/4" instrument level direct input for guitar, bass, etc. There is a switch to toggle between the back XLRs Mic input and the 1/4" jack/direct input (bypasses the mic input).

* Transformer balanced direct inputs as shown here are availible ( by Jensen etc... ) as a optional feature, normal Direct inputs not using a transformer come stock on the V72 pair packages. Note: There is not a switch to select between mic in or direct in - you choose the proper connector for the application. It still sound great, but the advantages of using a transformer are it lets you use the pad for both mic and direct and has a bit "tighter" sound.

Below the V-72 is a phase reversal switch.

Far right top: power on/off with jewel light.

Far right bottom: phantom on/off with LED. Phantom on/off per channel also available.

Back Panel

Top left: fuse holder

Bottom left: universal 3 pin A/C socket (120 A/C input)

Far right: XLRs for input and output

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