* Since 1994 *

Marquette Audio Labs Neve 1073 Rack

Since 1994, Marquette Audio Labs has been the benchmark in custom racking of vintage modules. With a build quality and classic aesthetic that is second to none. For a limited time we are offereing a 'Special Price' on our classic Neve 1073 rack.

Features include:
Internal MAL PSU, Phantom on/off per channel w/ LED, Output Fader and the option for TDI (Tranformer Direct Input) per channel.

Marquette Audio Labs - Neve 1073 Rack- Limited Time Only
Normally $1000.00 or $1250.00 w/ TDI
'Special Price' $799.00 or $1049.00 w/ TDI
Please call Dave at (510) 581-3817 for product information and your price.