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Drawmer S3 Stereo Three Band Optical Compressor

The new S3 Stereo Three Band Optical Compressor incorporates the very latest in Ivor Drawmer designs and the aim from the very beginning was to create a 'no technical compromise' circuit using only the highest grade components. The S3 forms the basis of a 'Signature Series' and offers previously unattainable control and tonality over each of the three bands - gain control at each stage provides precise spectral balancing.

The signal path consists of high performance input/output transformers, passive components and 10 tubes (8x ECC83 and 2x 12BH7) configured as a fully balanced Class A design. Because the LDR's (Light Dependent Resistors) in the opto-compressors are temperature sensitive the S3 houses an 'electronic oven' which provides and sustains the optimum LDR operating temperature - thereby maintaining calibration accuracy and improving performance. A front panel LED indicates temperature status. Large scale VU meters can be switched to 'Peak' mode to show transient information. Two further VU meter re-scale modes are available (+10dB and +20dB) to accurately display the unit's ability to output levels of up to +30dBm. The master output section includes controls for both Gain and stereo balance to compensate for source material with a Left/Right imbalance or disproportionate processing.

Main Features:

  • Fully balanced signal path class A design
  • Isolation transformers in and out
  • 20 x active tube stages
  • High power 'push/pull' output stage delivering up to +30dBm
  • Variable band split points
  • Fast reacting 'oven' controlled LDRs to maintain calibration accuracy
  • Switchable 'peak' or 'VU' metering to display transients
  • Switchable +10dB or +20dB meter re-scale modes
  • 'Air' mode for high band
  • 'Big' mode for low band
  • Switchable mute and bypass on each band
  • Individual gain reduction metering on all bands

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