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Crowley & Tripp Naked Eye Ribbon Microphone

An all-new, highly versatile ribbon microphone by Crowley and Tripp in a more wallet-friendly form. Naked Eye features similar high output, low noise characteristics of our other acclaimed models, but with a dual voicing- brighter rising ribbon response on one side of the figure eight, and a traditional darker sound on the other. Use the dark side up against a cranked guitar amp, then spin it around and track an acoustic guitar or vocal on the bright side. Two ends of the Crowley and Tripp spectrum in one affordable microphone.

Dual voicing for limitless studio applications; amps, cabinets, vocals and more

Rising response on one side like a vocal condenser, but without the typical harshness

Traditional warm ribbon response on the other side

Durable Naked Ribbon Design by Crowley and Tripp for everyday use

High output, low noise, with a custom wound, full size transformer for smoothest bass and cleanest signal

Innovative low diffraction rotary mount included

Wood storage case and three-year warranty

No extra charge for sequential matched pairs.

LIST PRICE: $745.00
Please call Dave at (510) 581-3817 for product information and your price.

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