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Buzz Audio Musical Instrument Adapter

The MIA-1.0 Musical Instrument Adaptor (traditionally called a Direct Box) was initially designed to compliment the MA-2.2 Microphone Amplifier, converting unbalanced instrument inputs into a balanced mic level signals. This is achieved with a simple FET input, balanced output Buffer amplifier. There are no transformers in the audio path, ground isolation is achieved by the use of a transformer in the hi-frequency power supply that converts the phantom power to the nominal 12V operating voltage. Very nifty !!

The MIA-1.0 can of course be used with any mic preamp equipped with +48V phantom power (8mA). Users can expect smoother bass performance and excellent treble reproduction without the phase shift anomalies inherent in standard transformer coupled designs.

Zero feedback Class A buffer amplifier, no audio transformer.
Real rubber feet - not self adhesives that drop off after a week !!
Three auto selecting inputs optimized for different levels...
AMP IN is for the connection of speaker level signals, eg, the main output of a bass amplifier.
LO-Z IN is for the connection of a line level device such as a keyboard or sampler or CD player output.
HI-Z IN is for the connection of high impedance pickups, eg, bass guitar or acoustic pickups.
Three useful outputs...
This is a loop output of all 3 inputs. The AMP IN signal is available on this jack at -35dB. The LO-Z IN signal is -6dB. This is very handy for "re-amping", ie, taking the speaker out of a amp and feeding it into another amplifier.
Provides a buffered unbalanced version of the HI-Z OUT.
The main output to the mic preamp and power source (+48V phantom). Ground lift to isolate input/output earths.

Measured when powered/amplified by a Buzz Audio MA-2.2 Class A Mic Preamp set to +20dB gain.

Gain = HI-Z in +6dB, LO-Z in 0dB, AMP in -35dB.
Maximum Recommended Output Level = 0dBu (0.3% THD).
Frequency Response = 6Hz to 250kHz, +0/-3dB.
Harmonic Distortion = Typically less than 0.07% -100Hz to 10kHz @-20dBu input level.
Signal to Noise Ratio = -83dBu, 10k source Z, A wtg.
Input Impedance = HI-Z in 1Meg ohms, LO-Z in 20k ohms, AMP in 27k ohms.
Output Impedance = BUFFER out 2k ohms, BAL out 150 ohms.
Controls = Ground lift.
Indicators = +48V Phantom Power LED.
Connectors = Inputs - TRS 1/4" jacks. BAL out - XLR3F pin 2 hot.
Size = 145Wx44Hx126D.
Power requirements = +48V phantom @ 8mA current consumption.

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