* Since 1994 *

Drawmer Products

The name Drawmer is synonymous with professional signal processing in recording studio, broadcast and live sound reinforcement environments.

Drawmer 1960
Drawmer 1960 Stereo Tube Compressor

Tube active DI, tube mic pre, tube compressor
Drawmer 1968
Drawmer 1968 Mercenary Edition

Dual Channel Tube Compressor based on the 1969's design
Drawmer 1969
Drawmer 1969 Mercenary Edition

Vacuum Tube Compressor
Drawmer DL241
Drawmer DL241 Stereo Compressor

The "Auto-Compressor" w/ expander/gate and compressor

Drawmer DL251
Drawmer DL251 Spectral Compressor

Compressor with "Dynamic Spectral Enhancement"
Drawmer DL441
Drawmer DL441 Quad Compressor

4 channels in a 1U rack space
Drawmer DS404
Drawmer DS404 Quad Gate

4 channel hard or soft knee gate
Drawmer DSL424
Drawmer DSL424 TwoPlusTwo Dynamics

4 channels: 2 gates, 2 compressors

Drawmer DS201
Drawmer DS201 Stereo Gate

Frequency conscious noise gate
Drawmer DS501
Drawmer DS501 Power Gate

Sophisticated dual channel noise gate
Drawmer S3 Stereo Three Band Tube Optical Compressor
Drawmer S3 Stereo 3-Band Optical Compressor

10 tubes and an oven
Drawmer Three-Sum Multi-Band Split and Sum Device
Drawmer Three-Sum

Multi-band split and sum device for unique processing