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Brauner Phantom Anniversary Edition

To celebrate Brauner Microphones' 10th anniversary, Dirk Brauner has created this beautiful new model. The Phantom AE is a limited edition Phantom C, but with gorgeous black and gold finish. It comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and, like the Phantom C, ships with a matching shockmount and aluminum case. The best part is, it costs LESS, not more than the original. That is Dirk's gift to his loyal customers.

The Phantom AE is a fixed cardioid pattern, perfect for vocal or spot instrument application. It offers 8dBa self noise, 28mV/Pa cardioid sensitivity, and 142dB Max SPL at 0.5% THD. It has a two year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Phantom C engineering targeted Lead Vocals and Voice Over applications, and Brauner tailored its sound for "big" up close with trademark Brauner transparency at distance.

Price: $1500.00
Availability: Approximate wait time can be up to 4 weeks

Brauner Phantom Microphone
Brauner Phantom Microphone

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