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API Products

API (Automated Processes, Inc.) is world famous for its all-discrete audio products: studio and broadcast mixing consoles, and a full line of rack mount mic preamps, equalizers and processors.

API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor
API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor

From subtle compression to brick-wall limiting
API 3124+ 4 channel mic preamp
API 3124+ Four Channel Mic Preamp

High quality 4 channel mic preamp
API 3124M+ 4 channel mic preamp/mixer
API 3124M+ Four Channel Mic Preamp / Mixer

High quality 4 channel mic preamp plus audio mixer
API 7600 Channel Strip
API 7600 Channel Strip

212L mic pre, 550a EQ, 225L compressor

API 7800 Master Strip
API 7800 Master Unit

Master Unit for 7600 Channel Strips
API 512c
API 512C Mic / Line Preamp / DI

Sonically at the top of the "Mic Preamp List"
API 525 Feedback Compressor/Limiter
API 525 Feedback Compressor / Limiter

Reissue of API's classic 525 from the 1970s
API 550B
API 550B 4 Band Switchable Equalizer

Re-issue of 1967 API 550 EQ with an extra band

API 560
API 560 Ten Band Graphic Equalizer

Re-issue of the 1969 API 560 EQ
API 500B4
API 500B4 Four Space Lunchbox

Self powered portable frame for 500-series modules
API 500H
API 500H Horizontal 2 Space Rack

Self powered rack holds any two 500-series modules
API 500v
API 500V Vertical 10 Space Rack

Powered rack holds up to 10 500-series modules

API 205L
API 205L Instrument Direct

Loads a pickup the same way that a tube guitar amp would
API 200PS Power Supply Lunchbox

For 200 series or 500 series racks
API 212L
API 212L Mic Preamp

All discrete circuitry with the API 2520 op-amp
API 215L
API 215L Sweepable Filter

Unique, passive sweepable filter

API 200H
API 200H Horizontal 4 Space Rack

Self powered rack holds up to four 200-series modules
API 225L Compressor/Limiter
API 225L Compressor / Limiter

Output level always remains at unity
API L200
API L200 Vertical 12 Space Rack

Powered rack holds up to 12 200-series modules

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