* Since 1994 *

Past Clients of Marquette Audio Labs

Brian Garcia, Los Angeles, CA
(2) Mercury EQPs and (1) Mercury EQH
"David provides wonderful personalized customer service and is simply a great human being. Great job David! I am quite certain that David (and M.A.L.) will be the dominant force in our industry for years to come."

Joe Satriani, San Francisco, CA
Mercury M66 and Mercury EQP1

Michael Colucci, Clayton, OH
Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken V672 Pair Package w/ TDIs, Mercury Recoring Equipment Co. M72s Studio Microphone Amplifiers, Soundelux U99 Microphone, Cranesong Trakker, 2x ELI Distressors, 1x Purple MC77, Protools HD2 System, 192, MAC G5, MIDI I/O, Massive Pack. KRK V8s, Custom Snakes and Custom MAL XLR cables.

"...I am reminded of you and your infectious passion for what you do everytime I walk into my studio now. I love seeing the equipment you made for me with your own hands, knowing the fact that I share that stage, so to speak, with so many highly successful artists, producers, and engineers. The look, feel of the controls, the aroma of warm tubes and analog circuits everything helps to create a confidence and excitement about what I'm doing. Your equipment functions and sounds like a million bucks. Thanks for keeping me from wasting my money at "#@$%$". You really deliver. You said you would, and you did it, man.

John McBride, Studio Owner / FOH Engineer (Blackbird Studio, Martina McBride) Nashville, TN
Too many Telefunken / Siemens V72, V72a, V78 and V76 pair packages and racks to count! John has more Telefunken Siemens modules than any studio on earth as far as I know. Brauner VM1 and KHE Mics, Soundelux mics, 2x Mercury Recording Equipment Co. M66 Tube Leveling amplifirer, 2x EQ-H and 2x EQ-P Tube Program Equalizers.

Manny Marroquin, Mix Engineer (Santana, A. Keys, W. Houston)
1X Mercury Recording Equipment Co. M66 Tube Leveling amplifirer

Scott Humphrey, Producer / Mix Engineer (The Cult, NIN, Motley Crue, Dwight Yokam, N'SYNC)
Mercury Recording Equipment Co. M66 Tube Leveling amplifirer, EQ-H and EQ-P Tube Program Equalizers.

Olle Romo, Producer, Writer and Mixer (The Corrs, Sting, B. Adams, R. Stewart. Elton John, M. Jaggar and Shania Twain)
Mercury Recording Equipment Co. EQ-H Tube Program Equalizer and Custom M.A.L. Telefunken V672 Preamp and Telefunken W695 EQ package.

Bill Hansen, Studio Owner, Fenix Studio in NY
2x Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken / Siemens V72 Packages Neumann V476b Preamp and Neumann W491 EQ pair package.

Billy Corgan, Artist / Producer (Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan)
2x Mercury Recording Equipment Co. M66 Tube Leveling amplifirers and MAL Telefunken / Siemens V72 pair package.

David Ives, Beverly Hills CA
Langevin AM16 Pair Package

Sophie Michalitslanos, Voice over / Jingle talent and Alton Brammer, Engineer & Mixer, NY
2x Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken / Siemens V74 Packages, MAL Telefunken / Siemens V72 Package, MALTelefunken / Siemens V672 Package, Mercury Recording Equipment Co. M66 Tube Leveling amplifirer, Mercury EQ-P Tube Program Equalizer, Royer Mic, Eventide, Shure mics and Tascam Console

Tal Bachman, Artist (Juno Award 'Canadian Grammies' winner in 2000, Best New Solo Artist) Vancover, Canada.
Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken / Siemens V72 Pair Package.

Andy Smith, Producer / Engineer, (Paul Simon) and Paul Simon, Artist (Paul Simon, Simon and Garfunkel)
Each got a custom Marquette Audio Labs package with a Telefunken V72 (tube) and a Telefunken V676a (Discrete) in each. With outboard PSU.

Jewel , Solo artist San Diego, CA and Lester Mendez, Producer Miami, FL
Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken / Siemens V72 Pair Package, Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken / Siemens V76s Pair Package and Soundelux Microphone.

Carlos Paucar, Engineer (Jewel, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias)
Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken / Siemens V72 Pair Package, Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken / Siemens V76 Pair Package

Bert McIntyre, San Jose, CA
API 512 Preamps and Rack

Dennis Magoffin, Los Angeles, CA
Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken / Siemens V76 Pair Package

Rob Rock, Solo Artist (Chasstain, Project Driver), Miami Beach, FL
Custom Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken / Siemens V72a Single Package, Soundelux U99 Microphone.

Ray Dileo, Producer / Engineer (Filter), Chicago, IL
Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken / Siemens V72 Pair Package, ADL 1000 Comp/Lmtr.

Martin Woodley, Engineer / Studio Mgr., Ferndale, CA
Marquette Audio Labs Neve 1272 Pair Package, Custom Marquette Audio Labs 5 channel RCA Package, RCA 4:1 mixer (rebuild), Neve 6:1 mixer (customized into a 6:2 w/ D/O's on 1-4).

Yasumas Yamashita, Tokyo, Japan
Custom Marquette Audio Labs Neve Rack, Custom Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken V676a Preamp and Neumann W491 EQ Pair Package.

David Sykes, Studio Owner, NY
Neumann V476b Preamp and Neumann W491 EQ Pair Package

Michael Hartung, Norway
Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken / Siemens V76 Pair Rack

Lenny Kravitz, Roxie Studios - (Lenny Kravitz)
EMT 240, Langevin AM16 Pair, Custom Rack for (6) WSW EQs and (2) Sphere EQs

Damian Asker-Brown, Enginner / Artist / Good Human Being =), London, England
Mercury Recording Equipment Co. M66 Tube Leveling amplifirer and Custom Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken / Siemens Package w/ 1x V76 and 1x V72

CSJ Fire Department, Video / Post Facility, San Jose, CA
Drawmer MX40 and MX30.

Richard Nappi, Post Production, NY, NY
Apogee PSX-100

Patricia Wofford, Germany
2x Distressors

Anita Baker, (Anita Baker)
Otari Status Console, (2) Brauner VM1 Mics, Pair of Neve 1073's, a pair of Telefunken Siemens V76's and a Shep SNCD6 (33609)

"We started as total strangers... but Dave (Marquette) ended up outfitting my entire home studio with beautiful vintage mic pres (Neve 1073s & Telefunfunken V76s) , Microphones, Compressors and a Console. He gave me an honest representation of each peice of gear I purchased. Marquette Audio Labs is my West Coast Connection for empty rack space. Thanks Dave..."

Schuyler "Sky" Greenawalt, Campbell, CA
(3) Pair of V72s, (1) Pair of V76s, (1) pair of V77s, (1) Pair of Am16s, (4) Soundelux U99 mics, (1) Royer R-121

"In a world of box shippers and questionable online auctions, M.A.L. (Marquette Audio Labs) delivers both New and Classic gear at a level of Quality, Value and Service unsurpassed in the industry."

Fred Maher (American Bed, Matthew Sweet, Lou Reed, VAST, Vitamin C), Los Angeles, CA
(2) pairs Telefunken/Siemens V72s, (1) Calrec PQ 14 pair package + More

"Marquette Audio Labs has provided me with great gear, great service and some very interesting vintage alternatives to "the usual vintage stuff" at great prices. ...All put together in the most beautiful, highest quality rack solutions I have ever seen. If your Pro Tools rig needs some good old analog warmth and punch, get some beautifully revived NEVE, CALREC, OR TELEFUNKEN modules from Marquette Audio Labs and use those inserts!!!"

Chris Fudurich, Los Angeles, CA (American Bed, Simple Minds)
Several Custom Neve 1272 Pairs, Telefunken/Siemens V72 pair package & Shep SN8 (1073/4) pair w/ rack

"The V72s rock! super fat, sleek sexy package. All my friends want one. and they sound great too!, I want to get back home and try out the neve 1272 pair package I just ordered!"

Henry Hirsch, Waterfront/Chelsea Studios, NY, NY
Vintage Custom Helios Console (From Olympic Studios, London), AKG Microphones and a 4 Ch. V72 Package

Rick Rubin (Beastie Boys, The Cult, Tom Petty), Los Angeles, CA
Custom racked pair of V76s

John King (Dust Bros.), Los Angeles, CA
Custom Din rack for (2) V-76s & (4) V-72s

Robbie Williams, Bristol, England
V76 Pair w/ transformer Direct Inputs

Chris Karn, Mission Viejo, CA
Neve 33114 Pair and a pair of Telefunken V72s

Steven Page, (Bare Naked Ladies)
Distressor (stereo), V672 Rack and Pair of Shep SN8's in MAL Rack

Ray Rettig, Cotton Hill Studios
Neve 33114 Pair, Neve 1073 custom Rack

Everett Young, Decator, GA
Neve 33114 Pair

"Got the (Neve) 33114 pair earlier today, and I'm just trying to figure out how to put together the money to get another pair. Let me say that within minutes of plugging them in, it became obvious they were considerably superior to any other preamp in my studio, including a Demeter all-tube pre and my Neve 1272s. My favorite pres, some Cadacs from the early 70s, also place a distant 2nd... The 33114s dominate not only in having more balls, but in 3-dimensionality, clarity and character, All at once...

...Also, the presentation is wonderful. The box looks great, is tightly put together, and the switches feel totally solid. A terrific box worth every penny of the 4 grand.

Your service has been impeccable to this point, as well. You are almost always at your telephone, even after hours, to answer questions. You shipped me the gear promptly and didn't make me wonder when I'd get it. You said I'd get it today, and today it sure enough arrived.

I appreciate all of this very much, and I want you to know I am a totally satisfied customer. I have negotiated the waters of the vintage gear sales market numerous times, and until now, I have always had an experience that was not entirely positive. You may rest assured that in the future, whenever I'm in the market for vintage gear, if it's an item you offer, I will buy it from you. Thanks again..."

Bob Mair, Los Angeles, CA
Custom racked Neve 33114 pair and Telefunken/Siemens V72 Pair

"There are a few other people out there doing custom racking but after you compare them its easy too see Marquette Audio Labs Custom Racks are superior, they are bulletproof, indestructible & badass! ...Its true you get what you pay for."

Steve Jarvis, "Studio w/out walls", Equipment Rentals, San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Pair of V76 Modules

Dave Miranda (The Magic Elf), New York
2 pairs of Custom Racked Neve Modules

"...I appreciate the very fine level of craftsmanship that Marquette Audio Labs puts into their Custom Racks... Precise, Heavy-Duty and Stylish. More importantly, they function and sound excellent! Since I purchased my (2) Custom NEVE 33114 Pair Packages, they have been used on every project since. Dave at M.A.L. has always been readily available and happy to answer my questions accurately, honestly, and in-depth... the service is outstanding, and it is obvious he really knows the business, and does it well. I highly recommend M.A.L."

Jimmy Zumpano / TreeSound Studios & Eclipse Audio, (Rentals), Atlanta GA
Pair of Telefunken/Siemens V72's, Neumann U67, Racked pair of Neve 1089 Micpre Eq's, Custom rack for WSW Comp/Lmtrs...

"When I unpacked the pair of V72's I thought it was one of the nicest pieces of gear I had ever seen, and I've seen a lot of gear... its built like a tank!"

Frankie Blue (Emmy Nominated - Music for 'V.I.P.' TV Series), Los Angeles, CA
Custom Racked Pair of V72s

"They (the V72's) sound great! Buying the V72 pair was beyond a great investment, They have paid for themselves, because I use them every day!"

Peter Moshay, A-Pawling Studio (Hall & Oates, David Bowie), NY
Pair of V72s and Audix 35102s

Tony Berg (Virgin Records), Los Angeles, CA
Telefunken/Siemens V72 pair Package, Single V76 package, Pair of Neumann KM56 Microphones

The (V72) Micpres a great, but the V72s direct inputs are the best I have ever heard"

Linda Albright, Ears Audio, Nashville TN
Custom Racked Telefunken/Siemens V76 Pair

Kevin McNoldy (7 Mary 3, Mary Chapin Carpenter), Charolettville, VA
Custom racked pairs of Calrec PQ14's, 1161's, Telefunken / Siemens V72 and V76s, Custom Langevin AM16 6 Ch. "6 Pack" Package, Microphones and Various Outboard Gear

Stuart Sullivan (Meat Puppets), Austin TX
Custom Racked Telefunken/Siemens V72a Pair

"After having used V-72a's racked by 5 different guys, Dave's are by far the best sounding. Full in the lower-mids, clear and sweet on the upper-mids, good noise floor, plenty of gain for ribbon mics and no hums or buzzes. Solid grounding and shielding the power supply from the audio chain keep the V-72a's clean in all sorts of recording environments were other gear buzzes. When i first got them popping the top and looking inside was the first order of business. Very clean, efficient wiring, sturdy mounting and audio wiring on one side, AC wiring on the other. I've tried my best to abuse this box both physically and electronically for the last three years and it has continued to sound and work great. These V-72a's sound excellent, look cool, and don't seem to break easily....what else is there...?"

Robert Paul, Seattle, WA
Custom Racked Telefunken/Siemens V72 Pair

"Dave's work is excellent... Well thought out component placement, superb craftsmanship, expert electronics work. My V72 rack is my most used mic-pres, because it's so easy to work with - direct inputs on the front, phantom power, custom gains, etc. It looks and feels like NASA gear - heavy-effin-duty. I wish all my gear was racked like this. If you need custom racking, Dave's your man."

Lyle Workman (Beck, Frank Black, Jelly Fish, Nike), Glendale CA
Studio construction ('95) and Studio Consulting ('98)

"M.A.L. makes great racks of first class gear, Dave M. is friendly and informative in regards to his excellent products and services... David M. and M.A.L. together can destroy schools of fish just by looking at them. They can render women limp and satisfied by a stoke of their hand, Can turn water into kool-aid (cherry), Can start a fire with nothing but paper and some matches, Can speak every variety of English and will go out of their way to make sure the consumer has paid in full. Their knowledge of Audio only surpassed by their love of badminton, (they) aren't afraid of crying at weddings"

John Jacobson, Sound Station Seven, Providence, RI
Custom Racking of 4 Ch. Telefunken/Siemens V72a's, Calrec 1161 Pair Package and Telefunken 676a Pair package

Marty Williams, Nashville TN
(3) Neve 33114 & (1) Telefunken/Siemens V72 pair Packages

Andy Taub, Brooklyn Bridge Recording, Austin TX
(2) Custom Racked Telefunken/Siemens V76 Pairs

Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix...), New York
"The work looks great, its nice to see you are keeping this old stuff alive" (@ AES, S.F. '98)

David Cobb, Duluth, GA
(1) Pair V72s and (1) Pair V72a's

Bill Bradley- "The Mic Shop" - Nashville, TN
Custom Racking of Telefunken/Siemens V72s)

"Dave, your work looks... Zippy!!!"

Ed Holland, Los Angeles, CA
(2) pair Custom Racked Telefunken V72s, 1 Pair Siemens V77s, (1) Pair V76m's, custom rackings for Neve 1084, 1066 & 1081 pairs, Brauner VM1 and Soundelux Microphones

Louis King, New York, NY
Custom racking of Langevin AM16, discrete micpres

Garth Webber, Red Rooster Studios, Berkeley, CA
Custom 8 ch. Audix 35102, Micpre/Eq sidecar package and Many Soundeulx Mics

"Dave built me a very cool custom 6:2 sidecar (mixer) with (6) Audix 35102 Mic preamp/EQ modules... with L/R bussing, (direct outs) as well as phantom power per channel. I use it primarily for drums, it sounds incredibly fat and big..."

Craig White, Curb Record (Leann Rymes), Nashville, TN
(2) Custom racks of (8) MCI modules

Jim @ Analog Bros., New Hope, PA
Custom racking for V72s

Aaron White, Pro Audio, Austin TX
Numerious Custom racked Neve pairs and Telefunken/Siemens V72s

"David, your racks look great, Beautiful work!"

Clay Mills, Nashville TN
Pair Of Telefunken/Siemens V72s

Jimmy Sloan , King Sound & Pictures, Los Angeles, CA
Custom Racked Telefunken /Siemens V76 Pair & (8) V78 Package

"David built me a original Telefunken 10 (cassette) din rack cut down to 8 (cassette) and then extended it to be 19" standard (rackmountable). He added isolated power, phantom on/off and phase reversal for each channel. Wired it with Mogami cable and always answered the phone to let me know his progress while building it. Since then I've bought so many V-76, V-72, V-78 dopplegangers in The Marquette custom rack for resale that practically every hi-fi and low-fi rocker in LA that actually makes records owns one. Too bad y'all know my secret source."

John Seay (Martina Mc Bride), Nashville, TN
Pair V-72's, Pair Calrec PQ-14s, Pair Langevin AM16s

Jeff Brosch, Houston, TX
Pair Of Telefunken/Siemens V72s

"My studio is starting to look like a distributorship for MAL... and your racks and groovy modules speak for themselves."

Roy "Z" (Iron Maiden, Rob Halford), London, England / Los Angeles, CA
V72a pair, Helios rack

Paul Worley (Dixie Chicks), Nashville TN
V76 pair

Takeo Yasojima, Tokyo Japan
Telefunken Siemens V74 Pair and V676a pair

Keith Brown, Five Star Studios, Alphretta, GA
V72 pair and 6 Ch. AM16 package

Steve Mosely, NFL Films, Philidelphia, PA
(2) V76m racks

Troy Luccketta, TML Studio (Tesla), Hayward, CA
Custom Racked Pair of Telefunken Siemens V78s w/ Transformer DIs

"Dave builds the BEST stuff!"

Aaron Fabbrini
"I had a session last week, and everybody involved agreed that my bass tone was the best that they had recorded with. Thank you for your advice, and for producing such great sounding stuff!"

Dwight Yoakam, Artist, Los Angeles, CA
2x Mercury M72s, used on latest album "Blame the Vain", on tour and at the 2005 Superbowl pregame concert. Thanks Dwight!

Devin Powers, Artist / Composer / Producer (Blind Date, Monday Night Football, Rendez-View and more), Los Angeles, CA
MAL V74 Pair, Mercury M72s, MAL REDD.47, 2x Mercury 66, 2x Mercury EQ-P1

Reiner Gembalczyk, Sienna Digital, Mastering, San Mateo, CA
Cranesong Avocet and HEDD 192

Tim Anderson, Artist, Ima robot, Los Angeles, CA
MAL V672 W/ W491 Pair Package, Soundelux U99, 2x Distressors

Raine Maida, Artist, Our Lady Peace, Los Angeles, CA
API 1604 Console

Jamie McMann / Michael Burkett, Motor Studios, San Francisco, CA
Soundelux Elux 251, 2x Soundelux U195, 2x Mercury EQ-P1

Paul Kennerley, Engineer, Nashville TN
Mercury M76m

Kevin O'Brien, Engineer, San Francisco, CA
BBC D251 pair, Mercury M72s

Jesus Flores, Engineer, Los Angeles, CA
Mercury M72s

Adam Samuels, Engineer / FOH (Daniel Lanois), Los Angeles, CA
Custom MAL Rack for Neve 33314 Comp/Lmtrs
See this in the Custom Racking archive

Dana Long, Engineer
Mercury EQH and Mercury EQP

Jody Boyd and Butch Taylor, (Dave Matthews Band)
2x Purple MC77

Paul Reed Smith, Artist, Guitar Manufacturer
Mercury M72s

Neil Collymore, Engineer, London, England
Mercury M66, Mercury EQP, Mercury M72s

Lee Alexander, Artist (Norah Jones), New York, NY
Custom MAL V76 Rack

Zac Rae, Artist (Alanis Morrisette), Los Angeles, CA
Custom MAL V76 Rack

John B. @ Tape Op Magazine, Sacramento, CA
Mercury 66

Larry Crane, @ Tape Op Magazine, Studio Owner (Jackpot!), Portland, OR
2x Mercury EQH

Dan Cubert, Engineer (Family Guy), Los Angeles, CA
MAL AM16, Mercury M72s